Original Written Content

Music by: Lawrence Goldberg / Lyrics by Lawrence Goldberg & Pat Hazell / Book by Bill Habeeb & Pat Hazell

At age twelve, Mitchell Mulligan committed a childish act so infuriating that his mother grounded him for life. Twenty years later, he’s still doing his time. Grounded For Life explores the ways people hold themselves back and how far they'll go to delude themselves and those around them. It is an absurd but relatable metaphor for being held captive by your own fears and excuses. 

The Curse of Luck

A television comedy, of sorts... Written by: Bill Habeeb, David Isaacs, & Philip Rose. (You can read the pilot by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page). 

iMplants / Young Adult Fiction

A teenage girl escapes an abusive home life only to end up ensnared in a nightmarish flight for survival after encountering a mysterious boy who has no memory of his past. Written by Bill Habeeb Edited and Cover Design by Laurie Douglas https://www.lauriedouglas.com/

Earlier Works

First Times

Included in this collection of 14 stories is Bill Habeeb's "Please Help," a story of a young boy's first inappropriate crush. Edited by Marthe Jocelyn http://www.marthejocelyn.com/

Inside Mayberry

A "must have" for all TAGS fans. Filled with behind-the-scenes information about one of TV's classic comedies, Inside Mayberry features down-home stories from Don Knotts, George Lindsey, Aneta Corsaut, Jack Dodson, executive producer Sheldon Leonard, and others. Fondly look back on Andy and Barney's visits on the front porch, Mayberry's first shootout, and the first recorded "Nip it in the bud!"

The Clash of '78

Based on an outrageously true story and written by Bill Habeeb & Joel Murray, "Clash" takes us back to the summer of 1978 to share in the misadventures of a Chicago graduate's summer following his senior year in high school. (Curious...? You can read it by clicking the link below...)

And for those who read...

The Curse of Luck Pilot (pdf)


The Curse of Luck Episode #2 (pdf)


The Curse of Luck Eps #3 (pdf)


The Clash of '78 Screenplay (pdf)